Monthly Archives: September 2014

Tell em’ Grock

“I am not at all the kind of man who wants to make money only in the circus, and for the rest of his time goes about like any ordinary citizen, stolid and self-contained. My attitude has always been that if I am a clown in the ring I can and should be a clown […]

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When it goes awry…does it really?

  What do we do when things, physically on stage, don’t go as expected? An improvisor is like a body walking backwards. If you get stuck, pick up something that has already been established and left behind. Re-incorporate things. Repeat things. An audience loves to remember the past with a performer.  

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What is presence?

  An immediacy. A connection and logical flow of breath to body to mind to voice. Under the berimbau in front of the baterĂ­a in a roda, one is fully present. Soul meets body at the edge of the cliff leaning forward yet holding back the fall.

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